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We work with the top RV lenders working with MANY banks & credit unions to give you the best finance options possible. All paperwork is done right at our dealership. Quick & easy process!

We can typically get you financed with as little as $500 down. Of course, this depends on your credit situation, but the vast majority of our customers find this to be true. However, remember the more you put down the less your payment is.

Most of your local banks or credit unions do not specialize in RV loans. They tend to do more auto loans which have term caps of 60-72 months. With our financing institutions we can get you up to 120-180 months depending on the amount being financed.

​Your new RV may qualify for some of the same tax benefits as a second home mortgage. Of course, check with your tax adviser, but basically to qualify for these benefits, such as the deductibility of interest on the loan, the RV must be used as security for the loan along with providing basic living accommodations such as a sleeping area, bathroom and cooking facilities. 


4 or 7 Year Warranties

Extra coverage to protect your NEW or USED RV for 4-7 years. Click arrow below for more info.


Int./Ext. Protections

Keep your new camper looking new with interior & exterior protection. Click the arrow below for more info.


GAP Coverage

Cover yourself encase of an accident with GAP insurance. Click the arrow below for more info.