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It all started way back in 1968.  Junior & Shirley Carlton with the help of their children ran the Michigan RV dealership from their home, out of their pole barn in the side yard . 


Junior was working for a dairy company, a local RV manufacturer (RoyCraft) and working nights in the pole barn for the dealership, while Shirley ran day to day operations at the dealership which was open 8am-8pm, 7 days a week. Another dealership at that time had Carlton in their name so, forced to come up with a new idea, they named the business Parshallburg Campers, which came from the near by Parshallburg bridge, it was an easy way to give customers directions to the dealership at the time.


Over the years not only did they run the RV dealership here but as well owned and operated at this location was Bruno's Glass which repaired, replaced and cut glass for a variety of customers needs. As well, Carlton Homes which sold numerous modular homes to customers all over Mid Michigan which still stand today.  


Junior Carlton passed away in January of 2015 and after his death, the company decided in 2016, to pay heritage to the family name and finally adopt a name for the dealership that Junior always wanted. Carlton Camping Center became a DBA of Parshallburg Campers, Inc. and is now the name for our sales, finance & rental divisions.

Shirley finally decided in 2020, to retire at the age of 85 years old, after working over 50 years at the dealership.

Involved in the current day to day operations are Shirley & Juniors sons; Kevin Carlton & Phil Carlton as well as grandson & 3rd generation member of the Carlton family; Justin Carlton. Other members include Justin's Wife; Koreyann Carlton & Shirley & Juniors granddaughter Tara Carlton.  Carlton Camping Center is one of the few true family owned & operated dealers left in Mid-Michigan. Stop by & see the Carlton family, where we treat each customer like a part of the family!

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